Top 35 Socially Shared Posts about Coins, Badges, Medals, and More

March 3rd, 2020
Social media very quickly became the home to posts about crafts, DIY projects, and artistic expression, and people who follow, like, share, and pin their posts are some of the most creative and inventive people around. Of course, some posts get more attention than others, so we’ve taken some time to gather many of the most socially shared articles on the subjects of coins, badges, medals, and more.

is list was compiled after some thorough research on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest and then running the results through a special tool (called Social Footprint) to determine how much it was shared across various social networks. The following are some of the pins on the subject that have been (and continue to be) shared, pinned, and re-pinned.

UrlTotal Social Shares
Medals 4 Mettle  12272
38 Impressive “Hobo Nickels”  12205
Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC 2013 Recap  11577
PR Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder – 5K, 10K, Half, & Full  10818
Be Safe. I need you here with me.  8277
Race bib Holder and Medal display holder 7950
How to Display Marathon Medals 5922
St. Patrick’s Day STEM: Coin Bridge 787
How-Tuesday: Embroidered DIY Merit Badges 756
24 Adorable Lapel Pins You Will Want Immediately 380
Everyday Courage: Artist Challenge Coins 218
The Grammar Police badge 190
100610594065 162
Exclusive DC Collectibles Announces “Arrow’s” Starling City Replica Police Badge 159
The Flash Exclusive: DC Collectibles’ Central City Police Department Badge Replica 156
The psychological influence of the police uniform 71
Fort Hood presents Purple Hearts, medals to shooting victims, Families 69
Make a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Lapel Pin 63
Pins are the next big thing in men’s fashion 57
Obama stops wearing American flag pin 50
Beyond the Medals 48
China Pin-Drome: Mitt Romney Olympic Face Pins Were Made In China 38
Obama contradicts previously stated pin philosophy 36
Vintage Style Coin Envelopes with Video Tutorial 29
Coin Display Case with 360 View 27
Pin doctors: The art of ‘lapel politics’ 21
Do Police Officers Have To Identify Themselves? 20
A Brief History of the Flag Lapel Pin 18
The Officer Is Real; The Badge May Be an Impostor 17
How to Make a Two Hearts Lapel Pin 16
Are Cops Required to Carry, Display Badges? 15
What’s on Romney’s flag pin? 15
Badge placement affects survival odds for plainclothes cops 15
Surviving Your Relationships 13
Making Simple Scrap Wood Picture Frames 12

There is a constant flow of new ideas, craft projects, and ways to use medals and badges. It only takes a little creativity to come up with some great new ideas. And it only takes a little longer to share them with everyone on your favorite social networks. Check out some of these popular posts and see if they have any ideas you can relate to.What do you think about some of these ideas? Have you seen some posts or examples of incredible creativity that you think belong on this list? And a comment below.